Become a Member of VBCC

Ways to join

We use the British Cycling website to store all of our membership information. This is the easiest way for us to handle your personal information and ensure it is kept safe.

If you are registered with British Cycling you can ask to join VBCC. Simply log in to the British Cycling web site, use the Club Finder tool to find us, then ask to join.

Alternatively you can fill out the British Cycling Member Application Form.

If you are not a member of British Cycling then all you need to do is complete the New Member Application Form and we’ll sort the rest out for you.

Membership Cost

Full membership costs fifteen pounds (£15) per calendar year, which expires on the 31st of December each year.

Membership benefits

We are always looking for opportunities for our members to benefit from joining the VBCC. As we are a British Cycling affiliated club, you will receive discounted British Cycling membership fees for new British Cycling members. We would like to encourage all of our members to join British Cycling as it gives you numerous benefits, but most importantly you will receive third party liability cover against incidents on the road.

As a VBCC member you will be invited to attend general meetings and be eligible to vote on important club issues. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a VBCC kit (pending finalisation).

As part of your membership fee you will get a membership card. This entitles you to discounts at various local premises, including cafes, bike shops, and pubs.

Joining VBCC will give you great motivation to get out on your bike and ride. Using Facebook as our medium for posting rides as events it means we have numerous rides at different levels going out frequently. With these popping up on your Facebook regularly you are sure to get on your bike.

When cycling with VBCC the moral support and knowledge shared with experienced cyclists will not only mean you can accomplish but exceed your goals and expectations. The social aspect certainly makes the miles fly by.

VBCC is registered with Strava, so you can share routes, and challenge yourself against other members of the group.

The Vale of Belvoir is a beautiful and quiet part of the country to cycle. With routes that will suit Beginners and/or steady riders to advanced riders, the experience of the VBCC members mean you will find new routes and great refreshment stops you never knew existed.